Hot-dip galvanized “flower” artwork won the American Galvanizing Association Award

For a long time, modern art has always been a subject of material and substrate innovation. Although galvanized metal is known for its application in infrastructure and construction, it is also known for its innovative purpose. The hot-dip galvanized artwork “Bloom” was launched in downtown Reno, Nevada.
This hot blooming of branches and bulbs recently won the Art Award from the American Galvanizer Association (AGA), and AZZ Galvanizing – Reno played a key role in the completed project of Xian Productions manufacturer Michael Christian.
The “flower” part consists of four parts, including base, bud, stem and large flower. The rectangular plasma fragments welded together at the bottom of the vase form a rough and bark-like texture.
The buds in the next part are welded with quarter-inch bent steel wires and steel rings.
Next, these stems are round tubes of various lengths to illustrate “growth.” On the top, rayon forms flowers, and the lights inside the flowers can dim and shine throughout the night.
The manufacturer Christian chose hot-dip galvanizing due to environmental reasons. Reno is a desert city with extreme weather conditions, including high temperatures, heavy rain, severe cold and blizzards. The zinc coating of the galvanized layer is strong enough to protect the parts from these elements. In fact, the corrosion rate of zinc is 30 times slower than that of steel!
Christian knew the value of providing extended corrosion protection through galvanizing, but he also wanted a uniform coating. AZZ suggested to him the appearance of the coating on different steel surfaces. After in-depth discussion, he decided to sandblast the entire workpiece to make the final coating more consistent. Finally, this last step helps to provide the most uniform appearance.
In addition to aesthetics and corrosion resistance, galvanizing the device also ensures sustainability and reduces turnaround time. Investments in galvanizing are both cost-effective and can reduce the need for expensive maintenance.
AZZ has a world-class proprietary hot-dip galvanizing process called GalvXtra. The hot dip process involves preparing and cleaning the surface to ensure that it is as smooth as possible, then immersing the steel part in a molten zinc bath and keeping it at that temperature up to 840°F.
At this temperature, zinc and steel react, forming a zinc/iron intermetallic layer on all surfaces. After immersion, every piece must be thoroughly inspected.
AZZ is committed to creating a stronger and safer world, as evidenced by our focus on protecting infrastructure from corrosion. This project is a unique artistic means to show the possibility of galvanizing.

Post time: Nov-26-2020